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Our Solutions

How we help:

Need an electrician to upgrade your home lighting? Looking for an expert electrical team to install your in-store video wall? Have an emergency electrical issue that needs action right away? Or need ongoing maintenance on your electrical equipment to achieve compliance? 

Whether your job is big or small, a one-off or ongoing, our comprehensive range of service solutions has you covered. From residential premises and commercial buildings, to education settings and retail enterprises, you can rely on our friendly and qualified team to get the job done with zero fuss. Check out our extensive range of comprehensive electrical service solutions below.

Residential Electrical Services

If you are building a new home, or have an upgrade or issue in your existing one, we’ll get the job done on time with minimal disruption. From full fit-outs in new dwellings to simple installations or repairs, our residential electrical services include everything from power and lighting, to appliances, smoke alarms, home entertainment and more. 
Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, agent or tenant, contact our friendly team for a fast, free quote.

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Commercial Electrical Services

When you’re operating a business, you rely on electrical components on so many levels, and any kind of fault or breakdown can be extremely costly. Our team can perform safety inspections such as test and tag, as well as electrical upgrades on old equipment to help you avoid expensive outages and ensure safety and compliance. We can also help your organisation become more efficient and sustainable with the installation of electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations, solar panels and energy efficient lighting.
Whatever commercial space you are operating in, be it a corporate office, warehouse, education setting, aged care facility or hospitality venue, contact our friendly team for a fast, free quote.

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Electrical Maintenance

Today, we rely on power more than ever, both in our personal life at home, and our work life within our business – and the best way to prevent a costly and inconvenient outage is to keep up to date with required maintenance. From solar panels to smoke alarms, your equipment will operate more efficiently, effectively and for longer when it is well-maintained.

Whether you require maintenance in your home or workplace, contact our friendly team for a fast, free quote.


Electrical Renovations and Upgrades

With the rapid pace of technology, there’s an exciting array of new products that can enhance your life at home, and at work. If you are renovating or building a new home, feature lighting indoors and out can really elevate your home and entertainment zones. You can also take your commercial or retail space to the next level by upgrading your static signage and merchandising to cutting-edge digital directory boards and video walls. Plus, if your wiring is no longer keeping up with modern demands, our team can upgrade you to the latest equipment to make sure you are safe and compliant.

Whether you require a renovation or upgrade in your home or commercial space, contact our friendly team for a fast, free quote.


Smart and Sustainable Power 

These days, smart and sustainable power offers many possibilities that are good for the planet and for your back pocket. Today, you can customise your dream smart home where your lighting, security and temperature settings are controlled with a single touch, allowing you to optimise performance and efficiency. LED lighting not only brings a clean, modern edge to your home and workplace, it is also highly efficient, while solar panels are a fantastic way to slash your energy bills. And with the rise of electric vehicles on our roads, installing an electrical vehicle (EV) charging station makes charging your vehicles a breeze. 

Whether you need residential or commercial smart and sustainable power, contact our team for a fast, free quote.

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